Montauk 6ft
Outdoor Beach Umbrella


Product Details


The Montauk Beach umbrella with 6 feet wide canopy is multi-purpose designed for beach or backyard. This classic umbrella is durably constructed with steel ribs, and the steel pole offering lasting longevity and incredible sturdiness. And Separate Sand Anchor can be used to firmly secure beach umbrellas, fishing rods and other camping equipment to the ground, stable aluminum pole make the large patio garden umbrella more sturdy, maintain stability and ensure safety under windy conditions, so you can enjoy the whole day at the beach, don't worry that the umbrella will be blown away. Our beach umbrella made of high quality polyester with more advanced UV coating that can block harmful radiation and protect you from 99% of intensive UV rays. And the polyester marital is waterproof, Adjustable tilt to angle for maximum coverage from the blazing sun.